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The Indigo Joint Relief System was born of the idea that there is a better and simpler way to achieve relief from joint pain. After years of searching and trial, we found only inferior options. They were invasive, inconvenient or too restricting, and many were actually unhealthy.

We vowed to free joint pain sufferers with a better option. No longer would you be relegated to certain spaces or dependent on freezers, microwaves, and electrical outlets. No longer would you be forced to apply strong smelling, greasy, medicinal creams and patches. No longer would you need to take pain pills multiple times per day.

Introducing the Indigo Joint Relief System, the next step in consumer health and fitness. With tens of millions suffering from joint pain and very few attractive solutions, Indigo fills the void with a breakthrough product designed for convenience and backed by clinical efficacy.

Our FDA cleared system and patented technology delivers targeted hot or cold therapy and lightweight support to provide effective joint pain relief resulting from arthritis, physical exertion, obesity, bad knees, aging, post surgery, and more.

Designed with your life in mind, The Indigo Joint Relief System gives you targeted pain relief whenever you need it, wherever you go.

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